Valuable tidbits.

Kristin was literally a fountain of information when she visited on Thursday! One of the things I found most valuable was her talking about the benefits of informational interviews. I have to admit before she came  was very apprehensive about the informational interviews, and didn’t want to even think about them. After hearing her talk about how beneficial and how they really work, it put my mind at ease as well as made me excited to get out there and set some up now. The fact that they’re common and looked highly upon in the industry definitely makes me feel better; prior to hearing her talk I felt that they seemed like more of a nuisance to the professional than anything. Thank you again Kristin, you were great!

Björn Meier- You have to see this portfolio.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.44.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.48.12 PM

This whole portfolio is a beautiful piece of design. Clean, easy to navigate and awesome typography are what helped this very portfolio win recognition from AWWWARDS, the awards for design and creativity on the internet. The portfolio opens with a large splash image that rotates out every few seconds. If you scroll down, a list of projects will pull up from the bottom. Click on one and a smooth animation will open the collapsed section and tell you about the project, as well as show the project. Everything is enhanced by the clean, simple design, which doesn’t detract from the most important part of the portfolio- the work. Instead, the type compliments it, like typography in a portfolio should. Check this portfolio out guys!!


Charlotte Tang- Interactive Designer

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.35.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.35.44 PM

I absolutely love the way that on her main portfolio page, her work is displayed in tiny grayscale “portholes” that grab your attention. When you hover over the portholes, they become fully colored and a little bar comes up from the bottom with just enough information to explain what the project is. The other thing I loved about her work is her typography, the example I included is from the NASA Space Apps Challenge. Her typography is bold and bright, which is very much in tune with my personal tastes. Honestly though, I wish she used those typography skills to make the actual info on the click through page with the projects more visually appealing.



Continuum is a design studio based in many places globally, with the closest studio on the outskirts of Boston. These guys have done some AMAZING design and branding projects for the most impressive list of clients short of Pentagram studios. These guys have worked with everyone from the Coca-Cola corporation to Phizer and Samsung. Looking through their portfolio is truly a transcendental experience for a design student, there is something so amazing and polished about their work. Of course, I would expect nothing less from such an important and well-known studio.

Animal Logic

So this may be straying a little bit further from the strict design studio, but Animal Logic is an animation studio based in Sydney, Australia. If you couldn’t tell my now, I have a thing for animation studios. My third post would be Pixar, however I need to put SOME sort of variety in my posts! Animal Logic is amazing, they have worked on films such as The Matrix, the Lego Movie, Legends of the Guardians, Happy Feet and the Great Gatsby to name a few. While the main studio is based in Australia, they have another office in Los Angeles, where they work on the advertising, branding and conception of movies. They employ graphic designers in both locations, doing a variety of cool projects. If I could work for Animal Logic, I think my brain would melt.

Cloudkid Studios

I have been obsessed with Cloudkid ever since they came and visited a few years back. They are an animation studio in Brighton, and have done work for PBS Kids, Cartoon Network and Hasbro to name just a few. I absolutely love their style of animation and artwork, its so colorful and whimsical. Every month or so, I find myself coming back to their site to check their jobs, I would kill to work there someday. There is something about the work that they do that I find so comforting and uplifting, and I would love to have a hand in it. That’s something I truly would be proud to do for work.