Portfolio: John Harris

John Harris is a world acclaimed illustrator whose work dates back to the early 70’s. He is renowned for creating extremely imaginative and visionary worlds that deal with other worldly universes on a huge scale. His illustrations feel extremely vast and cinematic, they often times look like they belong in any big budget type of Hollywood sci-fi epic. He is definitely one of the most creative artists I have ever seen and I can definitely see how his work can have the potential to inspire art directors and film directors when they try and create other worlds and universes for their movies or video games. I love his work because I love looking at art that to me feels huge in scope and scale. Another thing I find intriguing about his work is that it has so many different elements to it. While it feels otherworldly and transcendental one can see it also has a lot of architectural and design elements to it. Some of the pieces that stood out to me are below, you can see a bigger collection of his work here, http://www.alisoneldred.com/artistJohnHarris.html



CloudKid is a digital creative agency which deals with interactive and animation production. They create projects that span across a wide variety of platforms, ranging from apps, websites, episodes, and network pilots. They state, “We are an artist-driven studio, obsessed with merging art, story and technology in fresh and unexpected ways.” Their portfolio of work is very large and really diverse. I think the coolest thing about it is that their artwork, while having a similar style and theme throughout, deals with a bunch of different subjects. Here is a sample of images that appealed to me when scrolling through their work, the rest of their portfolio is located here http://cloudkid.com/work/.

Portfolio: Lee Bermejo

I really enjoy the work of illustrator and comic book artist Lee Bermejo, whose portfolio is loaded with highly detailed and realistic works. A collection of his work is on this site here, http://www.comicartfans.com/comic-artists/lee_bermejo.asp. I think his work appeals to me because it is a similar illustrating type of style to mine. My favorite pieces of his are the ones involving joker and batman because you can really see just how detailed and meticulous he is when it comes to his drawing.

Hero4Hire Creative

Hero4Hire Creative is a company located just outside Boston which specializes in motion graphics, animation, visual effects, mixed media and                                                                                             design. They work with advertising agencies, television networks and individual clients. The artwork they do is very diverse and creative, as illustrated by the pictures below.