Kristin Casasanto

Kristin was very knowledgable and a great help in answering some questions I’m sure many of us were thinking. I know that I had many questions about resume and cover letter changes. One thing that I didn’t think of that Kristin told us was to keep a folder of each resume and cover letter for each company we apply to. Also, that too much work can hurt you- lead with the most relevant information. I haven’t really thought about interviews until Kristin shared her story with us. Her story was personal, and enlightening to me because you must prepare before an interview. Kristin said to ask about the company and to have a list of questions prepared. She told us a ” secret weapon” question which is, “Do you have anyone else that I can speak with?” When emailing a prospective employer always be polite and make it clear that you want to be mindful of their time. Another thing that I would not have thought about until my mother told me was to send a thank you note. My mom always thinks of things like that and it was nice to hear it from Kristin as well. Also, she told us to private our accounts and deactivate them while trying to be hired by companies. These are things my parents always say but it always sounds better when someone else is telling you. Kristin was very helpful and we are all lucky to have had the time and answers to questions from her.

Job Posting: Junior Graphic Designer- Ghirardelli

This job posting caught my eye for two reasons: 1. Chocolate! 2. They mention package design in their job posting, which was a fun project that some of us did last semester. Another weird thing that is mentioned is “Rare to occasional ability to lift 10 lbs,” kind of funny to mention in a job posting for a Graphic Designer.

If any of you are having a difficult time finding job postings, I recommend that you sign up for Glassdoor Alerts. This is a site that Gabby had mentioned to us a couple of weeks ago. This site is super helpful and sends an email every day with 15 new job postings in your area. Its a great shows the types of jobs you can get in illustration/graphic design.

Corporate Headquarters – San Leandro, CA
Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Junior Graphic Designer is to support the in-house, digital and print media based, creative department. Responsible for, but not limited to, design and execution of complex product packaging, marketing collateral, point of purchase displays, retail signage and ads. The Junior Graphic Designer’s experience will encompass visual design, layout, some digital interactive design, and typographic expertise to conceptualize, develop, and produce promotional marketing materials.
Scope of Responsibilities

Comprehends strategy and develops creative concepts and implementations that are consistently on target with brand objectives.
Communicates effectively in a well-articulated, professional manner with both the creative and marketing staff.
Designs for a broad range of media including print collateral, complex packaging, and advertising.
Ensure that deliverables must adhere to brand position guidelines and translate into integrated, visually sophisticated solutions for web, mobile and print promotional marketing initiatives.
Employ graphic and interactive design best practices and optimization techniques.
Follow through with project management to work effectively in a cross-functional team, and consistently reinforce marketing direction
Display superior customer service; be informative, adaptable to changes, and should be a constant ambassador for the creative group with effective interpersonal skills that create win-win situations. Work independently on projects from initial stages to completion
Follow direction of organization and embrace an opportunity to show initiative.
Ensures all design materials are consistent with corporate branding guidelines. Works closely with Senior Graphic Designer in the production and printing of assigned projects.
Specific Knowledge & Skills

Packaging design experience.
Experience in interactive web and mobile retail corporate advertising environment, digital design firm, or advertising agency desired.
Basic knowledge of CS6 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), (Mac OS X environment), Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.
Basic knowledge of digital prepress processes as well as printing processes (4-color and spot-color).
Knowledge and ability to conceptualize and produce advertising support for sell sheets, collateral, merchandising signage, corporate print, and branding materials.
Ability to visualize and communicate ideas effectively with excellent oral and written skills.
Comprehensive knowledge of the team workload and proven ability to meet creative and timing expectations.
Thorough understanding of the design process, and pre-press and printing process.
Disciplined, organized and can be trusted to follow through projects from start to finish with complete immersion and accountability.
Highly organized and outstanding attention to detail from start to finish.
Education & Work Experience

2-5 years of experience in design studio, agency or in-house design department.
BA/BFA degree in Graphic Design/Graphic Arts, Digital Media, and Interaction Design or relevant work experience.
Working Conditions

Rare to Occasional ability to lift and carry up to 10 pounds
Ability to travel to various locations across the country or local travel to meetings (approximately 5-10 days per year)


White space & Color: Pollen

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.37.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.37.51 PM

Pollen is a design studio located in Pollen, London. I absolutely love the look of this portfolio. My favorite part of this site are the letters behind the pictures. They float up the page as you scroll down. There is a great balance between the color and white space. Also, the colors on this site are very bright, and balanced by gray tones and white space. It is very simple and allows you to observe the fashion designs. Also, oversized typography is something that always catches my eye as a designer.

Oh la la: Jeremy Sallee Portfolio

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.21.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.22.21 PM

Jeremy Sallee is a French Designer. His online portfolio really caught my eye when researching. His portfolio is very simplistic which allows the viewer to focus on the work. Also, like many of us, he has other work outside of graphic design. He ties everything together in his portfolio through type. I love the way simple typefaces look over images, which is something we wanted to incorporate into the Art & Music website. His identity and personality are definitely shown through this portfolio. It was inspiring looking at his portfolio as a young graphic designer because I and many of you are trying to create our own identity as designers.