Things I learned from Kristin’s talk

Kristin was very helpful and encouraging.  I thought it was helpful to know some details about finding a job, connecting through social media, and making connections in person.  The way she explained everything made me realize that you just need to “get out there” and get your stuff out there.  I knew networking was important, but she really broke down several ways (LinkedIn, setting up informational interviews, etc.) to do so, and what you can do to make the best use of each one.  Sorry for posting this late!


Portfolio: Tim Smith

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.21.58 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.23.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.26.29 PM

I know we’re only supposed to focus on the display of individual pieces and not the whole portfolio, but I like the system this designer uses with clean type and geometric shapes (also notice the subtle drop shadow which gives the shapes more definition).

In regard to the individual pictures, he goes to great lengths to show each element of his design, and lets the work do the talking.  I like how the work is displayed, and the white background really makes you focus on the work itself, which is what should really be the center of attention!

Portfolio: Bleed

bleedScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.11.38 PM

I like the simplicity of how work is displayed on this portfolio, it is for a design firm (Bleed) and not an individual, but I think it’s nice.  The 2nd photo is of an identity project.  I think having a nice, sharp photo of your work (printed) looks nicer than just posting the digital copy.  Having a picture of a physical copy makes it seem more tangible, in my opinion.

Design Studio: Sagmeister & Walsh


Some of you guys may remember I brought a book by Stefan Sagmeister (Austrian designer) in for my “show and tell” last semester.  Well I don’t think my interest in this guy has ever stopped.  His design studio “Sagmeister & Walsh” is a small design firm based in NYC.  Jessica Walsh, an “up and coming” designer who has won many awards, was made partner at the age of 25.

I just simply find their designs to be interesting.  The “Culture” book for BMW has hidden wheels, so you can drive the book around with the provided remote.  The Deitch book is about an art gallery in NYC.  From the website:

“The viewer can eat off the cover of Live the Art, an extensive survey of our favorite gallery in New York, Deitch Projects. Every custom made installation throughout Deitch’s extensive history is depicted on its own spreads, from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Keith Haring, from Venessa Beecroft to Paul McCarthy, from Shepard Fairey to Barry McGee.

Deitch projects, Live the Art is not dishwasher safe.”

I think it’s important to have designers like these to look towards for inspiration.  Their approach to design is exemplified on their home page:  “We will do anything for design.”  They have a rotating message on their home page, and that was one of them.  The home image is a bird’s eye view of their studio and the image seems to rotate and reflect elapsed time in the studio, based on the lighting.

Design Studio: Alphabetical


Look, I’m going to be honest here- I know little to nothing about design firms, creative studios, etc. even the “famous” ones.  I did a quick search though and one of the interesting companies I came across was Alphabetical, a London-based design studio.

An excerpt from their “about” page:

“We’re called Alphabetical because we believe there’s a beauty in logic. We love the aesthetics of letterforms, the words they create and most of all the pictures they paint.

We’re an inherently inquisitive bunch, invigorated by ideas and provoked by possibility. We take pride in bringing a client’s story to life, helping them to open new chapters, both online and off. Whether that’s a brand identity which continues to flourish over time; or an environment which attracts a crowd. A digital space to switch an audience on, or a print piece which turns the page on convention.”

I find their designs to be clean, tasteful, and interesting.  I think a lot of the work that this studio does is relative to our own work and process:  a lot of their stuff seems like it was made with Illustrator or InDesign.  I like their approach to their company, in the sense of “bringing a client’s story to life”, and it’s reflected in their designs which are purposeful and representative of the client, in my opinion.

Job Posting: Junior Graphic Designer


“Junior Graphic Designer

About the Job

Title: Junior Graphic Designer

We are seeking a Junior Graphic Designer for a global fashion company located in San Francisco, CA.​


Ideal Junior Graphic Designer will be a recent design school graduate with 0-2 years industry experience in print or digital graphic design for a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle company.​ We are willing to consider portfolios that reflect strong branding and fashion aesthetic that are majority school project-based.​


Junior Graphic Designer must be proficient in the full Adobe Creative Suite (i.​e.​ Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.​) and have a passion for fashion!


Junior Graphic Designer Pay: Up to $20/​Hour


Please send along BOTH a current resume and portfolio for consideration.​

I’m not into the fashion/beauty industry at all but this posting caught my eye because it’s one of the few job postings I’ve seen these days that actually doesn’t require much work experience.  Also the job emphasizes proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite, which we are all familiar with.