Onward Search

There’s a guy named Tim Sullivan who works with the company, Onward Search that is helping with me on job search, resume and etc. Please take a moment and look at there website. They could help you as well.



A talk with Kristin Casasanto

I’m glad that stephanie contact her, and use her time to talk to us about potential job search. I’m satisfied of what she told us about what to do and what not to do on social media, resume and life lessons.  I’m surprised that Twitter was that important start for searching jobs.  Another important lesson about make your profile on any social media network to be private because most companies want to see how active or what you’ve been up too. I’m going to make sure that my Linkedin is important in my social media. I knew this already but being organize is key to any job search or processing.

Adhemas Batista – absolute amazing pro folio


His is absolutely amazing by showing how crazy in a unique way, in a way of how he uses the vibrant and color on each project. Batista has his own unique way that no one could ever measure up, and extraordinary his illustration came out that’s abstract that makes it absolutely beautiful. Adhemas Batista worked with America’s biggest brands and top agencies around the world such as Adidas, Pepsi, Nike, Puma, Nissan and etc. His profolio is interesting by roll overing a project have an unique red stride over it. His project is beautiful by having bright colors and how set of colors have a huge meanings on an object that could not make sense but for an artist is extraordinary.  Please check on his work, it’s worth seeing

Go Media

branding-550x550 GoMedia print-550x550 web-550x550

Go Media, design services, products, and knowledge for clients who seek unexpected and compelling visual communications. Works with brands who have a passion for smart design, bold creativity, and meaningful ideas. The company is active in building thriving creative communities online through educational content hubs, and via events including Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and On the Map.  There passion grew strong from the first day they exist with no money and no team to a recognizable company that thrive into any artistic skills they proceed in, which why this company intrigue me and research more.  There illustration is outstanding, in which i love to do besides graphic design.