JOB POSTING: RP CG Facial Animator for LAIKA


So this isn’t an illustration or graphic design job posting, but it is a pretty awesome looking animation job posting! I think it would be absolutely amazing to work with LAIKA, especially with the actual figures!


General Summary
The Facial Animator creates the performance of an animated character, conveying emotion, movement, action and personality. He or she analyzes the story reel and audio file for each shot in the film to create realistic facial performances including overall acting and detailed lip sync. This is done by analyzing hundreds of pre‐made faces (in prepared “face libraries”) and the Facial Animator will choose the most appropriate selection for each shot. The process also includes detailed head and camera animation for every shot. This allows for the accurate pre‐visualization of the facial animation for every (applicable) character shot in the film.

Essential Job Functions

  • Creates rough animation for the Directors, Animation Supervisor, Facial Animation Supervisor, and Stop‐motion Animators for their approval.
  • Works with Directors, Animation Supervisor, Facial Animation Supervisor, and Stop‐ motion Animators to finalize animation and prepare facial performances for the stage.
  • Works several weeks ahead of the production schedule to ensure adequate time to meet with the Directors, Animation Supervisor, Facial Animation Supervisor, and the Stop‐motion Animators to perfect the facial performances before the scheduled shoot date.
  • Takes creative direction from the Directors, Animation Supervisor, Facial Animation Supervisor, and Stop‐motion Animators to ensure the highest quality of facial animation possible.
  • Responsible for the daily operations and scheduling of the Facial Animation office.
  • Works with the Facial Animation Supervisor and stage Animators to ensure that all shots are delivered and revised with the highest of efficiency.
  • Animates using computer software such as Maya.
  • Has intimate knowledge of all face shapes in order to effectively match the directors’ performance requests.
  • Reads and breaks down dialog tracks and plan shots.
  • Does extensive testing of the faces for the RP department to ensure that the kits are built efficiently and accurately.
  • Communicates daily with production and editorial to stay abreast of all changes in dialog and actions.
  • Works with Face Librarians to avoid delays on stage when face conflicts arise, or when last minute changes are required.
  • Identifies upcoming shots that may require building custom faces.
  • Prepares exposure sheets and quick‐times for animators and for the editorial department.
  • Helps with training new Facial Animators and Track Readers


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant area of study or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 1-2 years experience as an Animator in the entertainment industry
  • Strong understanding of traditional animation principles.
  • Stop Motion animation a PLUS.
  • Working knowledge of Maya.
  • Ability to bring characters to life.
  • Acting skills are important.


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.

Job Location

Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

Position Type

Cloudkid Studios

I have been obsessed with Cloudkid ever since they came and visited a few years back. They are an animation studio in Brighton, and have done work for PBS Kids, Cartoon Network and Hasbro to name just a few. I absolutely love their style of animation and artwork, its so colorful and whimsical. Every month or so, I find myself coming back to their site to check their jobs, I would kill to work there someday. There is something about the work that they do that I find so comforting and uplifting, and I would love to have a hand in it. That’s something I truly would be proud to do for work.



I was interested in looking up some local animation studios and I stumbled upon FableVision which is located right in Boston! They are a transmedia development studio meaning they create a range of designs using different kinds of media. Some of their creations include animations, games, mobile apps, websites, and interactive media for teaching and museums! They have also done work for PBS Kids, Nick Jr. , and National Geographic! I really enjoy the variety of styles in their work and all the different kinds of things they create. I find it really interesting that they cover a wide range of different kinds of medias so it must open up a lot of fun opportunities to create different things!


static1.squarespace drawing_dude



Laika is an animation studio located in Hillsboro, Oregon and are the creators of the films Coraline, Paranorman, and The Box Trolls. For all of their films they use stop motion animation which is something I’m really interested in creating! I really love the design of the characters and all of the work that goes into creating a film! Did you know that an artist had to hand knit the sweater that the character Coraline wears? VIDEO I find it absolutely amazing! I think it would be awesome to work with a stop motion animation studio, whether it be for designing characters, hand knitting tiny sweaters, or moving the puppets!


20.08.FF.Paranorman.DH.59282.Forest_Approach_2_014.tif ParaNorman