DKNG Studios is a graphic design and illustration studio based out of Los Angeles that works with identity development, print & poster design, custom illustration, packaging design, apparel design, web design & development. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman combined their talents together in 2005 to launch DKNG studios, where both were greatly influenced and drawn to music, film and design early on in their lives. Some of their well known clients include Disney Channel, Taco Bell, HBO Network, Maxim, Men’s Health and ABC Family.

Similarly to Methane Studios, I came across this company through their Instagram and really enjoyed their style: the range of vibrant colors, simplistic forms and bold faces they use throughout their posters.



Methane Studios – Atlanta, GA

Methane Studios

Methane Studios is a design and illustration company that was started in 1998, focusing on poster art, prints and illustration. Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee formed a partnership to create silk screen posters for a club in Atlanta, GA, The Echo Lounge that featured some of the best bands in the late 1990′s. They learned in college to keep their poster designs traditional, by not looking “too computerized” but using the computer like a pencil or paint brush. They draw much of their inspirations for their work from both musical and visual artists. Today, they work together in the studio creating package designs, logos, and posters for clients such as Turner Broadcasting, Honda, Liberty mutual, Blue Q, Dave Matthews, Lorde, The Black Keys and many others.

I chose them because besides being an avid Dave Matthews Band fan, I came across Methane Studios’ design work through the DMB Instagram page and became absolutely captivated by their illustration skills. I like their approach of keeping the traditional, vintage style dominant in their posters, prints and design work. Their design work has inspired much of my artwork, both drawings and graphic design work and is leading me towards pursuing poster illustration as a possible career path.