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Robby Leonardi – Designer

When looking for design and illustration portfolios, I came across Robby Leonardi’s website, and its one of the coolest online portfolios Ive ever seen! You interact with it as if you’re playing a game of Mario Bros, while learning about his skills, experience, and hobbies. Even though it’s more of a resume than actually showing individual examples of work, the way he presents his information and the way you interact with it is a portfolio piece within itself.

Check it out at http://www.rleonardi.com/interactive-resume/

PORTFOLIO: Steve Simpson


I enjoy the portfolio of Steve Simpson for a number of reasons! I think the main page looks very neat and orderly, displaying a detail shot of each of his projects. When you click on one of the images, it brings you to a page explaining the project and contains images showing the process of his creations as well as the final products. The site is also very easy to navigate and allows you to take a closer look at the work that appeals to you.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.26.56 PM

As for an individual display I enjoy, he created a package design for Mic’s Chilli BBQ Sauce. Not only does he display the flat design, but he also displays the product as well! The products are photographed on a white background to call attention to the design, and I think it is a very neat and clean way to display one’s work.

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BRIGADE – San Fran Granola and SVEDKA Portfolio Layout

I always really enjoyed the way my former summer internship location, BRIGADE, lays out their online portfolio with how they describe and display the designs they’ve produced for their clients. Based from Hadley, Massachusetts, BRIGADE has worked with many well-known clients around the United States, some of these including SVEDKA Vodka, San Fran Granola and Black Birch Wines. I particularly enjoy their San Fran Granola and SVEDKA portfolio work layouts that display the designs they created for products, packaging, ads, etc.


SAN FRAN GRANOLA’s use of large and full-screen, clear resolution photos makes the product stand out, with the design and logo even more so. Using color photos gives the viewer an insight to what the flavors are and how they’re being shown by the different color bags. The bags are all placed to be photographed on a white background, however the logo has white type on a colored background to stand out to the viewer.


SVEDKA uses both large and cropped color photos to showcase the branding being used on multiple mediums, including billboards, vehicles, pamphlets, recipe cards, product tags, etc. The vibrant color themes for each flavor/drink is appealing and inviting, and the color high-resolution photos strongly display the design work well also. 3-D objects like the glass vodka bottle itself or the cardboard display case are shown in their original layout based on a white background. The photos of their designs are always clear, distinct and visually interesting that keeps your eye engaged.


svedka_misc_images_1-2  svedka_winter_program_3 svedka_winter_program_2 svedka_winter_program_1 svedka_sales_sheet_1


Vibrant colors of design work and strong photographs to display their work are two key elements that work best in producing an online portfolio. Also – varying the amount of close up and full size photos to showcase design work is important to letting the viewer see as many sides of the piece as possible when they aren’t able to tangibly view it in person.



DKNG Studios is a graphic design and illustration studio based out of Los Angeles that works with identity development, print & poster design, custom illustration, packaging design, apparel design, web design & development. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman combined their talents together in 2005 to launch DKNG studios, where both were greatly influenced and drawn to music, film and design early on in their lives. Some of their well known clients include Disney Channel, Taco Bell, HBO Network, Maxim, Men’s Health and ABC Family.

Similarly to Methane Studios, I came across this company through their Instagram and really enjoyed their style: the range of vibrant colors, simplistic forms and bold faces they use throughout their posters.


June Digan – Graphic Designer, Watercolor Typography


June Digan is a graphic designer who specializes in watercolor lettering/typography in her designs. I came across her online from one of my friends who came across her work on social media. Her typography skills are so amazing and even more so intriguing that its done freehand with watercolor paints. She posts an inspirational quote, phrase or saying everyday with what day out of the year she created it (ex. 18/365). Each is uniquely different and definitely worth the follow on Instagram if you ever need a little inspirational, positive quote to keep you going daily.

june-digan-instagram-2-650x650 june-digan-instagram-3-650x650 june-digan-instagram-7-650x649

Methane Studios – Atlanta, GA

Methane Studios

Methane Studios is a design and illustration company that was started in 1998, focusing on poster art, prints and illustration. Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee formed a partnership to create silk screen posters for a club in Atlanta, GA, The Echo Lounge that featured some of the best bands in the late 1990′s. They learned in college to keep their poster designs traditional, by not looking “too computerized” but using the computer like a pencil or paint brush. They draw much of their inspirations for their work from both musical and visual artists. Today, they work together in the studio creating package designs, logos, and posters for clients such as Turner Broadcasting, Honda, Liberty mutual, Blue Q, Dave Matthews, Lorde, The Black Keys and many others.

I chose them because besides being an avid Dave Matthews Band fan, I came across Methane Studios’ design work through the DMB Instagram page and became absolutely captivated by their illustration skills. I like their approach of keeping the traditional, vintage style dominant in their posters, prints and design work. Their design work has inspired much of my artwork, both drawings and graphic design work and is leading me towards pursuing poster illustration as a possible career path.