Talk with Kristen Casasanto

Kristen’s talk was extremely informative in our last class. It is always good to hear things more than once from a different person also to keep reminding us like always remember employers can find our digital presence, it’s good to have one, but always act appropriately.

Employers don’t want your references at your interview or attached to your resume because they only need it if you are in the final stage of being hired for the company. Good references are professor’s, Supervisor at an internship, current/past jobs, and linkedin contacts.

Apply to jobs even if you don’t meet the requirements that it states on the job description. You may have other skills that could determine that you are the right fit with the company!

Saving jobs that you have applied to and keeping it in a separate folder along with a description is extremely helpful for when the job finally calls you for an interview. You want to know about the job you are trying to work for.

Being organized is the #1 priority!

On your portfolio, you should state that you are actively looking for a job. If you are not proficient in an area, but know a little bit about it, you should write on your resume that it is working knowledge.

Look at job database everyday and sign up for job alerts to receive daily.

Follow groups on your linkedin account.

You don’t have to say yes to the first job that wants to hire you!

-Stephanie Carroll


Kristen Casasanto: Your Web Presence and You

When Kristen came to our class on thursday, she brought up a number of important and interesting points. One of those key points was how you are represented on the internet. she encouraged us to frequently google ourselves to keep track of what others are seeing, and to stay active on websites we currently use like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Behance. Since her talk with us I have been updating all my social media accounts and my LinkedIn and Behance so that they better represent who I am as an artist and as a person. Her information was incredibly helpful to me and I’m glad I got the chance to be able to meet with her.

Kristin Casasanto: An Interesting Tip

One of the things I found really interesting that Kristin shared with us is the different places she talked about finding job postings. I was really surprised that Twitter could be a source to find job openings. It is really interesting that some companies will post potential job opportunities on Twitter before they put it on their website or any job search engines. I also didn’t realize how important Linkedin would be to the job search!

Connecting with Previous Students – Job Search References

I thought Kristin made some interesting points about how to start networking especially with past students who graduated before you or attended a previous school that you did. I transferred from Keene State in NH to Framingham State as a junior – with taking multiple graphic design classes at two different places I met a lot of people that I lost touch with after transferring. Her advice about how to connect with them via LinkedIn and see what they are doing, where they work, etc was a great idea! Many of them have their portfolios or websites attached to their site so I am able to check out their most current work since I last saw them. She was very insightful and gave me some starting points for references after I graduate this spring.