An Idea for the Senior Show

Hello everyone! I had an idea for the theme of the show! I really just love this word, and I think it works very well for what we are trying to showcase. This is just an idea, so it can totally be modified or even scrapped if no one likes it!

Theme: Apotheosis

-the perfect form or example of something
-the highest or best part of something
-the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax.
-the elevation of someone to divine status; deification.
The story: We are in the height of our college experience, using all the skills we have refined these past years to create the best work to showcase in our portfolios. We are at the climax in our stories of our time at Framingham State University and want to put on our best performance yet. Together, we have created a display of fantastic work showing the different skills each of us have learned and how they have shaped us into the graphic designers and illustrators we are at this point in our lives. The story of our college careers may be coming to an end, but the story of our lives as graphic designers and illustrators are just beginning.
Set up: Everyone will have their own space. There will be matching info cards for all of us as well as a consistent set up for our identity pieces, which includes a resume, business cards, and leave-behinds. The typeface and palette we will decide on will be a significant factor in keeping consistency between each artists’ display.
I just wanted to get some more ideas going for the theme of our show! If anyone else has anymore ideas, maybe it’s be a good idea to post them so we can have a place to see them all!

Checklist items for senior show


create a phone list / email list

create a show postcard and coordinate printing

deliver postcards to other departments


dimensions of each person’s space

determine how work will be mounted / hung


determine who will be there at what time to set up the work

determine who will be there at what time to clean up the work

patching and painting