Free Type

there are some nice typefaces here…and it seems that they are free, however, I haven’t tested them yet.



DKNG Studios is a graphic design and illustration studio based out of Los Angeles that works with identity development, print & poster design, custom illustration, packaging design, apparel design, web design & development.┬áDan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman combined their talents together in 2005 to launch DKNG studios, where both were greatly influenced and drawn to music, film and design early on in their lives. Some of their well known clients include Disney Channel, Taco Bell, HBO Network, Maxim, Men’s Health and ABC Family.

Similarly to Methane Studios, I came across this company through their Instagram and really enjoyed their style: the range of vibrant colors, simplistic forms and bold faces they use throughout their posters.


June Digan – Graphic Designer, Watercolor Typography

June Digan is a graphic designer who specializes in watercolor lettering/typography in her designs. I came across her online from one of my friends who came across her work on social media. Her typography skills are so amazing and even more so intriguing that its done freehand with watercolor paints. She posts an inspirational quote, phrase or saying everyday with what day out of the year she created it (ex. 18/365). Each is uniquely different and definitely worth the follow on Instagram if you ever need a little inspirational, positive quote to keep you going daily.

june-digan-instagram-2-650x650 june-digan-instagram-3-650x650 june-digan-instagram-7-650x649