Cover Letter

I applied for a graphic design internship at Fidelity in Boston



Senior Portfolio Reviewers: Email Thank You’s!

Here are the emails of the portfolio review team. Please plan on sending them either an email thank you, or hard copy thank you. If you want a personal address, then you should email and ask.

Kyle Lindholm

Andrea Brenner-Shaevitz

Gabby Lydon Cover Letter

Here is a cover letter I did when applying for Island Oasis in Walpole.


Gabby Lydon Cover Letter


Onward Search

There’s a guy named Tim Sullivan who works with the company, Onward Search that is helping with me on job search, resume and etc. Please take a moment and look at there website. They could help you as well.


Timothy’s Cover Letter

I applied to Disney’s Visual Marketing Intern for the summer 2015 in Santa Monica, California. 

Cover letter


Laura’s Cover Letter

Mustis stebbings Cover Letter